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Direct Trade: Relationships

October 23, 2013
Jorge and his father in their cupping lab, Antigua, Guatemala

Jorge and his father in their cupping lab.

At Crimson Cup, we believe the quality of our coffee begins with the quality of our relationships in the coffee-growing community, as Coffee Buyer Dave Eldridge discussed in a recent article for CoffeeTalk magazine.

“Why get into the coffee business? Relationships. Seeking out like-minded people all over the coffee growing world and returning home with their hard work to share is what separates coffee as a business from coffee as a lifestyle. My colleague Brandon Bir and I were fortunate to find ourselves in Guatemala earlier this year amongst the finest of coffee and people.

“We drop out of the sky and into the land of eternal spring. The weather in Guatemala, as advertised, is going to make our search that more enjoyable. Brandon and I are here in search of that moment – hard to define but easy to spot once it happens – when we discover a coffee we just have to have. After cupping coffee together daily, Brandon and I know what we’re looking for.

“At the airport gate, we’re met by a friend who has set aside a few days to guide us. He is no stranger to this journey; in fact, he has dedicated his life to it. Once the youngest Q-grader in the world, Jorge now spends most of his time looking for great coffee. We have arrived with the same purpose.”

Read more about Dave and Brandon’s adventures on their sourcing trip to Guatemala in the complete CoffeeTalk article.

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