Sharing the L.O.V.E. with CBUS First Responders

March 24, 2020 (Published: March 24, 2020)
Cuppers deliver Crimson Cup coffee to Columbus first responders

The Crimson Cup Cold Brew Truck recently went out to spread caffeine and cheer in central Ohio! Our team dropped cold brew and hot brewed coffee to the heroes keeping our community together.

“We’re all about Coffee+Community and are committed to standing with our community at this challenging time,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “Part of our philosophy is to spread L.Y.F.E. (Leave You Feeling Energized) and L.O.V.E. (Leave Others Feeling Energized) through coffee.”

We wanted to give something back to local first responders keeping us all safe! So on Friday, March 20th, our team dropped coffee and cold brew cans at local police and fire stations.

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