Award-winning Crimson Cup Coffee Now Available 24/7 on Amazon

December 21, 2023 (Published: February 17, 2021)
Bag of Ethiopian Kossa Kebena Coffee
Ethiopian Kossa Kebena Coffee now available on amazon

Our award-winning specialty coffee is now available on Amazon for order 24/7 – with free shipping for home or office delivery.

Founder and President Greg Ubert said a strong demand for home coffee delivery presented an opportunity to amplify the impact of our farmer relationships.

“We believe coffee connects us to a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow. Pouring a cup of coffee is about more than just enjoying a delicious drink – it’s about focusing on the good the coffee can create.”

Greg Ubert

Amazon Store Supports Meaningful Relationships

The new Amazon store supports our vision of establishing meaningful relationships that inspire healthy communities around the globe.

“We carry out our vision by empowering our people to do their best, helping entrepreneurs open and run thriving independent coffee shops, and supporting coffee farmers and their communities with initiatives that make their lives better.”

Chief Operating Officer Mark Zobel

We focus on transparent coffee sourcing through direct trade relationships or through Fair Trade.

Through our unique Friend2Farmer initiatives, our company makes life-enriching education, health, sustainability, and economic growth impacts on small-plot coffee farmers and their communities.


“Anyone who enjoys a quality cup of responsibly sourced coffee would want to try Crimson Cup. You can feel good knowing that your purchase has a direct impact on the farming communities that cultivated your coffee.”

Greg Ubert

Store Features Eight Crimson Cup Favorites


At launch, our Amazon store features eight of our best-selling single-origin craft coffees, popular blends and flavored coffees.

We recommend that craft coffee lovers try light roasted Ethiopian Kossa Kebena, which we source directly from farmers in Ethiopia’s Limmu region.

Among other honors, this entrancingly sweet coffee has won two Good Food Awards, which recognize the country’s best-tasting and most responsibly sourced coffees.

“We highly recommend pour-over brewing methods to bring out the nuanced bright fruit and berry tasting notes,” Greg said.

For those who prize a smooth coffee with no bitter aftertaste, we recommend our signature Armando’s Blend, available in regular and decaf.

“We developed Armando’s blend to help independent coffee shop owners grow their business with repeat customers. This medium-roast blend tastes terrific as a drip coffee, espresso, or blended in drinks. Many say it’s the best coffee they’ve ever tasted!”

For flavored coffee lovers, we suggest Celtic Grogg. The sweet and creamy caramel, butterscotch, and hazelnut flavors make this our top-selling flavored coffee.

Other great-tasting Crimson Cup coffees on Amazon include decaf Tired Goat, light-roasted Crimson Sunrise, dark-roasted Jungle Love, light-and-dark-roasted Morning Commute, and flavored Sticky Toffee.

Positive Impacts for Coffee-Growers

We’re excited about this new Amazon distribution channel’s potential to help more coffee lovers enjoy Crimson Cup coffee, making a positive impact on coffee-growing communities.

“For nearly 30 years we have been unrelenting in our pursuit to serve an exceptional cup of coffee from bean to brew, to exceed the industry’s best practices and to educate our customers and partners to do better. It’s what defines our focus on good.”

Greg Ubert

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