Awesome Coffee Amps Up Christmas Cheer

April 21, 2023 (Published: December 25, 2012)

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas dinner party or simply need a pick-me-up after assembling children’s toys, awesome coffee can be the star atop the tree of your Christmas celebrations.

As the fabled silent night of Christmas Eve passes into dawn, the adults in your party will thank you for a superb cup of Joe to fortify themselves for the hubbub of the gift exchange. Try serving a Colombian Narino or Fair Trade Organic Nicaraguan, especially if you’re planning to start the day with sticky buns, coffee cake or other sweet treats.

A stylish way to kick off festivities – and impress guests with your coffee savoir-faire – is with coffee brewed using pour-over methods, which bring out the subtly nuanced flavors of specialty coffees. For an intimate gathering, try the Hario V60. French Press and Chemex® coffee makers are perfect for brewing in greater quantities.

Or, if you have a single-cup brewing system and want to give ultimate control to each guest, try out the Ekobrew brewer. It’s both more economical and more environmentally friendly than the individual K-cups.

For Christmas dinner, choose coffees that complement your menu.  Try Organic Mexico Chiapas Jacintoa with savory main dishes such as turkey and ham. And for holiday sweets, we enjoy the low-acidity Dark Roasted Sumatra Mandheling, Colombian Narino, or Organic Nicaraguan.

If you’d rather keep it simple, choose a multipurpose, medium-bodied coffee such as our signature Armando’s blend. Slightly sweet and with nutty undertones, Armando’s blend tastes great with almost any dish.

If any guests are partial to flavored coffees, Winter Wonderland, enhanced with sticks of cinnamon, will help impart a traditional holiday mood to your celebrations.

As you gather with family and friends, you’ll find that awesome coffee makes for awesome memories. Merry Christmas from all of us at Crimson Cup!

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