Brandon Bir Named East Regional Coordinator for the SCA USA Chapter Committee

December 21, 2023 (Published: June 11, 2021)
Brandon Bir, East Region Coordinator, SCA USA Chapter

Kudos to Director of Sustainability Brandon Bir! He’s a new East Regional Coordinator for the Specialty Coffee Association USA Chapter Committee.

Elected to a two-year term, Brandon is one of 12 new members of the 20-member committee.

“Brandon is one of the most highly qualified coffee professionals in the country,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “We’re proud of his contributions to the specialty coffee industry and Crimson Cup.”

The SCA USA Chapter is One of 30 Global Chapters. National Chapters support their local coffee communities and represent the SCA’s vision, mission and purpose.

In his new role, Brandon will work with fellow East Regional Coordinator Erica Jackson to organize membership, events, networking and education.

Raising Visibility for Ohio Specialty Coffee

Brandon plans to raise national visibility and connections for Ohio specialty coffee professionals – including helping them prepare for preliminary rounds of the SCA US Barista, Brewers Cup, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasters and Roaster championships in 2022.

“As an SCA USA Chapter committee member, I can give a voice to specialty coffee in Ohio on a national stage,” he said.

“I also will be responsibility for growing the industry here and helping to make the industry more inclusive.”

One of his goals is to give local coffee professionals an opportunity to share their perspective while working in Ohio.

Brandon Brings Extensive Specialty Coffee Experience

Brandon has over 14 years of specialty coffee experience. He joined Crimson Cup in April 2010, after serving for three years as manager and trainer for the Nordstrom Coffee Bar.

He teaches classes and judges at coffee industry events, including the Golden Bean North America and Australia/New Zealand coffee roasting awards.

Among other coffee industry qualifications, Brandon is:

  • Assistant Q Instructor for the Coffee Quality Institute
  • SCA Lab/Campus Inspector
  • Authorized SCA Trainer (AST)
  • SCA Specialized Instructor
  • SCA Lead Instructor

He also serves on the board of the Ohio Culinary Science Advisory Board and volunteers as an SCA Sensory Skills Course Contributor.

Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Coffee Farmers

As Director of Sustainability, Brandon travels over 100,000 miles annually to grow relationships with coffee farmers and processors.

Crimson Cup maintains over 50 mutually rewarding relationships with smallholder coffee farmers.

Through our Friend2Farmer initiatives, we make meaningful impacts in coffee farming communities through social, economic, environmental and community development projects.

“Serving on the SCA USA Chapter committee is another way for Crimson Cup to give back to the community and help shape the future of specialty coffee in the U.S.,” Brandon said.

“It also allows us to share our passion for equality in the supply chain and building healthier communities. It’s all part of our focus on good.”

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