Couple Opens Second Independent Coffee Shop in Millersport, Ohio

November 7, 2022 (Published: August 6, 2021)
Coffee and coffee cup inside Millersport Coffee in Millersport, Ohio

You could say Jenn Koenig grew up in the coffee business. Her first coffee job was at Scioto Valley Coffee, her mother’s independent coffee house in Circleville, Ohio.

Now, she and husband Tim Koenig own two independent coffee shops: Scioto Valley Coffee and the new Millersport Coffee in Millersport, Ohio.

“We’ve been residents of Buckeye Lake for three and a half years, and wanted to bring some delicious coffee to the lake!” Jenn said.

From Coffee Worker to Coffee Shop Consultant to Coffee Shop Owner

Both shops opened after learning how to open a coffee shop through our 7 Steps to Coffee Shop Startup Success franchise alternative program.

“Not only did I grow up in the coffee business, but I grew up with Crimson Cup,” Jenn said. “My mom and her team learned how to open and run Scioto Valley through the 7 Steps, and I helped her in the shop.”

While studying at Ohio University, she worked for Court Street Coffee in Athens, another Crimson Cup customer.

After college, Jenn worked for two marketing agencies before becoming a Customer Growth Rep for Crimson Cup in 2018.

Since then, she has helped over 30 entrepreneurs open independent coffee shops.

Teaching and Following the 7 Steps to Success

The 7 Steps program grew out of a book written by Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert. Now in its second printing, 7 Steps to Success: a Commonsense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee has guided over 200 entrepreneurs in 30 states to open and run profitable coffee shops.

In January 2020, the couple purchased Scioto Valley Coffee from Jenn’s mother. Jenn kept working for Crimson Cup while managing Scioto Valley and planning to open a second shop.

“I learned so much through the process of starting a coffee shop and continue to learn from my customers,” she said.

“Jenn exemplifies our company values of achieving results, giving back and having fun,” Ubert said. “After helping so many other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, now she’s doing the same for herself!”

A One-stop Shop for Independent Coffee Shops

Millersport Coffee is one of 10 new independent coffee shops that opened through our 7 Steps program in the first half of 2021.

Even during the 2020 pandemic, we helped 19 entrepreneurs open new coffee shops. At least another 8 shops are on schedule to open in the second half of 2021.

As a one-stop shop for independent coffee shops, Crimson Cup supplies award-winning coffee, coffee business expertise and industry leading coffee shop supplies.

Millersport Coffee Quickly Attracts Local Fans

Since its April 2021 opening, Millersport Coffee has developed a local fan base.

The signature Millersport Mocha, which melds espresso with white chocolate and a drizzle of caramel over a whipped cream topping, is the shop’s best seller.

”Our customers say our coffee is the best they’ve ever had – and I have to agree!” Jenn said. “I’ve been drinking Crimson Cup since 2009 and have truly been spoiled with terrific coffee.

“I’ve traveled all over and nothing compares! Crimson Cup offers an outstanding product with incredible people, and I could not imagine opening up a coffee shop without their products or guidance.”

As a coffee shop startup consultant, Crimson Cup guides new coffee shop owners every step of the way, from writing a strong coffee shop business plan to choosing a profitable location and much more.

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs create coffee businesses that fill a unique niche in their local communities.

“Millersport is a small, tight-knit community and as much as we enjoy the coffee, we enjoy even more the kind people we’ve met and the positive impact we’ve been able to make,” Jenn said.

Jenn’s Advice for Prospective Coffee Shop Owners

Step 5, Focus on Training, is Jenn’s favorite of the 7 Steps.

“A coffee shop is only as good as the staff it has,” she said.

Her favorite part about working with Crimson Cup? The people.

“They are so kind, helpful and knowledgeable about coffee.”

As the proud owner of two independent coffee shops, Jenn has this advice for prospective coffee shop owners:

“You know your business best, and your decision will always be the right one.

Visit Millersport Coffee and Scioto Valley Coffee

Millersport Coffee is open seven days a week at 12045 Lancaster Street in Millersport. Follow the shop’s Facebook page for news and updates.

Scioto Valley Coffee is open seven days a week at 216 W Main Street in Circleville. Follow their Facebook page for the latest news.

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