CRIMSON Introduces SIDE BAR Immersive Coffee Education

December 14, 2022 (Published: February 11, 2022)

SIDEBAR at CRIMSON EastonWant to up your coffee game? Learn about the countries and farmers behind your favorite beans? Then head over to CRIMSON at Easton Town Center in Columbus for its new SIDE BAR immersive coffee education experience.

Follow Coffee from Farm to Cup

“We developed SIDE BAR to highlight our exclusive coffee offerings, inspire new coffee enthusiasts and expand knowledge for connoisseurs,” said Marcus Cason, CRIMSON coffee house manager.

“Each session will guide guests on a farm-to-cup journey through brewing techniques, sampling and coffee education.”

Participants will taste award-winning, experimental and limited micro lot coffees while learning new brewing techniques and the stories behind each coffee.

“SIDE BAR highlights the best of our best,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “Our coffee team has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe to bring these exceptional coffees to CRIMSON.”

Choose a SIDE BAR Experience

SIDE BAR immersive coffee experience at CRIMSON EastonGuests can choose one of two options for each 45-minute experience:

  • The experience alone costs $25.
  • The experience plus a 12-ounce box of the featured coffee costs $40.

SIDE BAR coffees, dates and times will be announced on the CRIMSON Instagram account on a weekly basis.

Follow CRIMSON on Instagram for updates.

To sign up for a SIDE BAR, direct message @crimsoncolumbus on Instagram or email

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