Crimson Named One of 20 New Central U.S. Coffee Shops for 2021 by Roast Daily Coffee News

December 21, 2023 (Published: January 14, 2021)
Exterior view of new Crimson coffee house at Eston

Just months after its October launch, Crimson is earning kudos from coffee insiders!

The staff of Roast Daily Coffee News named our new flagship coffeehouse at Easton Town Center among 20 New U.S. Coffee Shops for 2021 in the Central U.S.

Crimson was the only Ohio coffeehouse to make the cut.

The story highlighted our grower relationships, noting:

“Crimson … is designed to showcase the fruits of Crimson Cup’s longstanding direct relationships with small-scale coffee farmers, while highlighting production steps that lead to the finished cup.”

The Story Behind the Cup

For over a decade, Crimson Cup has cultivated relationships with the hard-working farmers who grow our coffee. 

We’ve traveled the globe—by plane, boat, bus, jeep, foot, and even mule—to discover exceptional coffees and improve life in coffee-growing communities through our unique Friend2Farmer initiatives.

Crimson gives Columbus coffee drinkers an inside view of the coffee world.

A Transparent Setting

Gleaming with white tile and light wood accents to promote the concept of transparency, Crimson’s open-kitchen café invites guests to explore our innovative beverages while chatting with knowledgeable baristas over Modbar espresso and pour-over coffee stations. 

 “Crimson ties everything we are and do together,” said Director of Sustainability Brandon Bir. “We believe coffee is much more than an enjoyable beverage—it’s a collaborative experience in which every participant is vital, from grower to roaster to barista to the coffee drinker.

Showcasing Innovative Drinks and Sustainable Relationships


Like our coffee, we source only the highest quality specialty tea leaves at Crimson. From China to Japan, Thailand to even Peru, we partner with like-minded producers to bring the best of harvest to your cup.

Beyond coffee and tea, the new coffeehouse offers refreshingly unique drinks such as Cascara punch. It melds hibiscus, orange and sugar with cascara from coffee producer Mario Rodas of Finca el Cadejo in Guatemala’s Antigua region.

Our drinks are made with sustainable ingredients sourced from relationships we’ve built across the globe. Our cocoa comes from Tanzania, and our homemade vanilla syrup from Guatemala. For us, believing and investing in sustainable futures has a hand in everything that we do at Crimson!

Experience Crimson for Yourself

“We’re proud that Crimson is one of the top new coffee shops to open in 2020,” Greg said. “The space is amazing and showcases our award-winning coffee and teas in innovative drink recipes.

Visit Crimson at 4066 Worth Avenue, in Easton’s newest district near Nordstrom. We’re open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. For updates on menus and more, follow Crimson on Facebook and Instagram.

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