Easy Mother’s Day Tea

December 26, 2022 (Published: May 9, 2014)
Mother's Day Tea ideas from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Mother's Day Tea Crimson Cup Coffee & TeaIt’s been 100 years since Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day a national celebration. Here are some ideas for hosting a Mother’s Day tea to make Mom feel special.

Set the Scene. Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show off lace tablecloths, tiered serving trays, silver teaspoons and delicate china teacups. To complement the tea, set out milk, honey, cubes of sugar (or packets of sweetener) and a plate with wedges of lemon. If weather permits, you can take the party outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh spring air. Don’t forget the flowers!

Use fresh premium loose-leaf tea, which yields a more flavorful cup than tea bags. Choose Mom’s favorites from among white, green, black or oolong traditional teas, or select a caffeine-free herbal or Rooibos blend.

For quick preparation, use an over-the-cup infuser like the Teaze. The sleek and curvy design makes for a great presentation of the tea infusion process, from the unfurling of the leaves to the gradual changes of color as the water is infused. For 20 ounces of piping hot tea, add about a tablespoon of tea leaves to the infusing chamber and fill to the top with hot, not-quite-boiling water (about 175 to 208 degrees, depending on the type of tea). Let steep for two to five minutes. Then, position the infuser over each teacup and let the tea flow! Each batch will fill about 4, 6-ounce teacups, leaving room for milk, sugar and lemon. Because cleaning is a breeze, it’s easy to serve several types of tea. Just dump the loose tea leaves and rinse with clean water and you’re ready to make the next pot. See the video below for step-by-step instructions.

Nibble on delicate confections and tea sandwiches. Finger foods minimize the need for dishes and reduce fuss in serving. You can buy handmade miniature scones, petit fours and decadent pastries from a local bakery such as Mozart’s in Clintonville. To make quick tea sandwiches, cut the crusts off thin-sliced bread (using white and wheat breads creates a nice visual contrast). Spread with herbed cream cheese and slices of cucumber and radish.  Slice in quarters, or use cookie cutters to create unique shapes.

Relax and enjoy the company of Mom and other guests. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Crimson Cup!


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