Giant Eagle Stocks Crimson Cup Canned Cold Brew at 20 Central Ohio Stores

December 21, 2023 (Published: June 1, 2019)
Photo of Crimson Cup Canned Cold Brew
Crimson Cup Canned Cold Brew

Just weeks after launch of our Canned Cold Brew coffee, we’ve expanded distribution to 20 central Ohio Giant Eagle stores!

“We’ve been awed by demand for our Canned Cold Brew,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “It’s flying out of the case as fast as we can brew and can it!”

Canned Cold Brew is available in refrigerated cases at the Bexley, Blacklick, Britton Parkway, Dublin, East Whittier, Gahanna, Grandview Yard, Hamilton/33, Hayden/Cosgray, Heath, Kingsdale, Lancaster, Lincoln Village, New Albany, Pickerington, Polaris, Powell, Stelzer/McCutcheon, Upper Arlington and Westerville Giant Eagle stores.

The drink features our Finca El Cadejo craft coffee, named after a mythical Guatemalan dog believed to shepherd drinkers safely home after a night of indulgence.

“The smooth flavor, chocolate notes and slight natural sweetness of our direct trade Guatemalan Antigua coffee produces the best cold brew we’ve found,” Greg said. “Made with just coffee and filtered water, our Canned Cold Brew is smooth from start to finish.”

Crimson Cup sources Finca El Cadejo through our Friend2Farmer direct-trade program.

Grown by Mario Rodas and his mother Lucrecia on their small farm in the Antigua region of Guatemala, the coffee tastes slightly sweet with notes of bittersweet chocolate, floral and citrus.

“With our Friend2Farmer coffee, you can enjoy each sip knowing that the farmers who grew your coffee earned a fair return on their crop,” said Coffee Buyer Dave Eldridge. “We invest in farmers and their communities to help create sustainable, economic change for future generations.”

Although currently available only in Ohio, Greg predicts rapid growth in distribution. “We believe we have the best-tasting product in a booming category,” he said, noting that sales of cold-brewed coffee have quadrupled since 2015.


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