Holtfield Coffee Station in Hillsboro, Ohio Celebrates 13 Years with Crimson Cup

November 10, 2022 (Published: January 21, 2021)
Holtfield Coffee Station sign
Holtfield Coffee Station sign

For 13 years, Holtfield Coffee Station has brought members of the local Hillsboro, Ohio community together for terrific coffee and tasty eats.

Opened November 1, 2007, the independent coffee house and gas station also houses a pizza and sub shop, deli and small grocery store – plus a wildlife station for hunting and fishing licenses.

To mark the anniversary, owners Mark and Dawn Edenfield and John and Andrea Holt talked about how they grew their unique local business.

“We’re not your typical gas station!” said John Holt. “We have an excellent product and have had great, loyal employees and customers over the years who have helped make us successful.”

Learning the 7 Steps to Success

The couples and their team learned how to open a coffee shop from Crimson Cup.

“It’s hard to believe 13 years have passed since we helped Mark, Dawn, John and Andrea get started,” said Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert. “Helping them thrive through the years has been a genuine pleasure.”

For the couples and over 150 local business owners in 30 states, the road to opening a coffee shop started with Crimson Cup’s 7 Steps to Success coffee shop franchise alternative.

The program takes its name and content from Greg’s book, “Seven Steps to Success: a Commonsense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee.”

“Our 7 Steps program covers everything from writing a killer coffee shop business plan and finding a lucrative location to choosing the right equipment, training staff, providing marketing support and more,” Greg said.

 “Coffee shop owners don’t have to go it alone,” he added. “Our experienced coffee pros become an extension of their team!”

Partnering in Holtfield Coffee Station’s Success

Mark Edenfield says teamwork is central to Holtfield Station’s longevity. “When the owners and all employees work together as a team, it flows over to the customers,” he said. “They see that you all care for and respect each other, and that they receive caring and respect. It’s a win-win.”

Crimson Cup continues to deliver award-winning coffee, coffee shop supplies, ongoing training and support.

“The Crimson Cup team are very helpful in training, servicing the equipment and answering any questions we might have,” said Andrea Holt.

“They have visited our store to retrain our employees and also offer training at the Crimson Cup Innovation Lab in Columbus.”

Customers Rave about the Coffee.

“Most say it beats any they ever had,” said Andrea Holt.

Crimson Cup’s coffee ranks among the best in the nation. Among many national honors, our coffee won 2017 and 2020 Good Food Awards – which recognize the best tasting, most responsibly sourced coffees in the United States – and was recently named a finalist for a 2021 Good Food Award.

The Importance of Coffee+Community

Giving back to their local community is a priority for both Holtfield Coffee Station owners and associates. “Our team splits their tips, and they invest part of their tip money to help local people and projects,” said Dawn Edenfield.

“They have helped purchase Christmas lights for the uptown area, sponsored kids playing sports and donated gift cards to those who lost a loved ones, just to mention a few of their efforts,” she added.

“Given Crimson Cup’s mission of ‘Coffee+Community,’ Holtfield Station was a perfect fit for our program.” Greg said.

A Community of Independent Coffee Shops

“Independent coffee shops act as local community hubs where people gather to discuss ideas, do business and support one another,” Greg said. “They play an essential role in creating a vibrant community!”

As part of our 7 Steps program, Crimson Cup supports a community of independent coffee shop owners, who share advice, ideas and support.

“Over the years they have held Independents Day meetings with other owners to keep everyone up to date and share ideas,” said Dawn Edenfield. 

“They also offer trips to visit the coffee growers and learn more about the coffee growing process,” she added.

What Does It Take to Succeed in the Coffee Business?

Barista at Holtfield Coffee Station in Hillsboro, Ohio

After 13 years of success, the Holtfield Station owners shared thoughts on what it takes for new coffee shop owners to stand out.

“Our advice would be to pick your location carefully,” said John Holt. “Make sure you are committed to running your own business and follow the Crimson Cup way.”

Mark Edenfield said that hiring sociable, motivated people is vital. “Friendly service is a must!”

Andrea Holt stressed training. “You already have a great product, so make sure that everyone learns to make great drinks and other products that you offer.”

Dawn Edenfield reflected on community service. “Work hard and get out into your community,” she said. “Our motto is, ‘Local people serving local needs.’ That’s what it’s all about!”

Holtfield Station is always open at 620 South High Street in Hillsboro, Ohio. “Stop in and see us whenever you’re in Highland County!” concluded John Holt.

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