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How to Wow! Your Banker

July 29, 2020


Greg Ubert, founder and president, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Greg Ubert, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

As an entrepreneur, cultivating a relationship with a business banker is essential to your long-term success. Bank loans are often a key component of opening or expanding your coffee business. Bankers can also become trusted advisors and connect you to other members of the community who can help your business grow.

So how do you cultivate a relationship with a business banker? Begin by understanding their role in the business community. As Greg observes in a recent issue of CoffeeTalk magazine:

“In some ways, bankers are much like entrepreneurs. They’re always seeking new clients and would not stay in business if they did not lend money. Your job is to make it easy for them to lend money to you.”

To learn how, read the complete article in CoffeeTalk.

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Originally Published: October 17, 2013
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