New Aztec Vanilla and Rosemary Spice Lattes

January 29, 2020 (Published: January 29, 2020)
Rosemary Spice Latte with latte art in coffee cup
Crimson Cup Aztec Vanilla Latte

Like sugar and spice? Then you’ll love the winter brew bar drinks at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses!

“Warm up your taste buds and chase away the winter blues with our Aztec Vanilla and Rosemary & Spice lattes,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “Crafted by our Beverage Innovation Team, these exclusive new beverages will be on the menu through March 1 or while supplies last.”

Both drinks feature Wayfarer Blend espresso. Crimson Cup crafts Wayfarer, which means traveler, from a rotating blend of current crop coffees. The smooth brew tastes great alone and complements both sweet and savory flavors.

Crimson Cup’s Aztec Vanilla Latte adds Madagascar Vanilla syrup, Aztec chocolate bitters, freshly steamed milk and a sweet-yet-spicy topping of cayenne pepper, cocoa and pure cane sugar.

Crimson Cup Rosemary Spice Latte
Rosemary Spice Latte

The Rosemary & Spice Latte uses organic Rosemary syrup made with pure cane sugar, freshly steamed milk and a freshly grated nutmeg topping.

The coffeehouses are also highlighting Ethiopian Kossa Kebena, which won 2020 and 2017 Good Food Awards. This sustainably sourced organic coffee stands out for its syrupy body and tasting notes of bright fruit and sweet berries.

Each 12-ounce latte sells for $4.50 at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses at 1441 North High St. in Clintonville, 2468 Northwest Blvd. in Upper Arlington and 116 Tallmadge Circle in Tallmadge, Ohio.

A 16-ounce drip coffee sells for $2.50, and pour-over drinks costs $4.75.

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