New Crop of Our Award-winning Natural Gesha Coffee from Oxapampa, Peru

June 1, 2024 (Published: August 1, 2022)
Natural Gesha from Oxapampa Peru

We’re excited to announce a new crop of our award-winning Natural Gesha coffee, which grows in the high jungle of Oxapampa, Peru.

“One of our favorite coffees, this fruit-dried Natural Gesha is nothing short of amazing,” said Crimson Cup Sustainability Director Brandon Bir. “With notes of white grapes, lilac and guava, it’s no wonder this coffee has won a place among the country’s best.”Natural Gesha from Oxapampa Peru

An earlier crop of Natural Gesha was a finalist in the 2021 Good Food Awards, winning a place among the country’s top craft coffees.

In 2019, Natural Gesha took home two medals at the Golden Bean North America competition, contributing to Crimson Cup’s Small Franchise/Chain Roaster Championship.

Experience Natural Gesha

Coffee lovers can experience Crimson Cup Natural Gesha at our CRIMSON flagship store and at Crimson Cup Coffee Shops in Columbus, Tallmadge and Westchester, Ohio. To enjoy at home, purchase the coffee on the CRIMSON website.

We recommend brewing light roasted Natural Gesha with a Hario v60 brewer using 27 grams of finely ground coffee to 410 grams of water (including 40 grams of bloom water).

Sourced through Our Friend2Farmer Initiatives

Hector Portocarerro's coffee farm in Oxapampa, PeruBrandon discovered Natural Gesha during one of his frequent trips to develop relationships with Peruvian coffee farmers. He met grower Hector Portocarrero through the NARSA (NEGOCIACIONES AGROINDUSTRIAL AREVALO S. A.) co-op.

“We are thankful that Hector shares his exceptional Gesha with us,” he said. “Our friends at NARSA dried this special coffee on their roof-top drying facility, which assisted in even-drying and clarity in flavor and sweetness.”

Crimson Cup has been working with NARSA since 2014 as a part of our unique Friend2Farmer initiatives. We make economic, environmental and social impacts in coffee farming communities through these initiatives, which are part of our Focus on Good.

“We created Friend2Farmer to forge a connection between coffee farmers and coffee consumers,” Brandon said. “Specialty coffee consumers seek out exceptional coffees and are willing to pay more for a superb cup. When growers earn more, they can invest in farms and communities.

“As a coffee roaster, we benefit by roasting the best coffee and delivering it to our customers,” he added. “We’re honored to work with small-plot farmers to produce their best possible cup and to help them win recognition for their hard work.”

Photo of The Coffee Innovation College at NARSA in La Merced PeruAmong other contributions to the local coffee community, Crimson Cup has funded rooftop raised drying beds and helped develop and certify The Quality Lab at NARSA.

Brandon, who is also a licensed Q Grader and SCA Lab Inspector, worked with NARSA and its affiliated COOPERU organization for two years to develop The Quality Lab at NARSA. Crimson Cup consulted on building and equipping the lab to SCA standards and contributed professional quality coffee grinders. The facility was certified as an SCA Premier Training Campus in 2018.

NARSA Founder Don Julio Abel Arevalo Tello and his team focus on helping small coffee and cacao farmers in Peru’s Central Highlands and Amazon regions gain market access throughout Peru and beyond.

“Don Julio’s team pushes cup quality and crop health to develop a more sustainable industry,” Brandon said. “This aligns perfectly with Crimson Cup’s commitment to quality and sustainability.”

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