Our New New Crimson Retail Flagship Coffee Shop to Open at Easton Town Center

December 21, 2023 (Published: August 30, 2019)
Elevation of new Crimson coffee shop by Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

When our new Crimson flagship coffee shop opens at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio later this year, guests will be immersed in the world of exceptional coffee and tea.

Founder and President Greg Ubert said the approachable new space will connect guests both to the perfect cup of coffee or tea and to the extraordinary stories of farmers from around the world.

“Crimson is rooted in bringing you closer to your favorite cup,” he said. “This fresh new concept will feature distinctive, highly nuanced coffees and teas, innovative drink recipes and compelling stories from coffee growers – all in an incredibly approachable space.”

As laid out by designers Kim Orr and Allison Westrick, Crimson will offer an open and inviting space designed to foster connections – to coffee, companions and farmers around the globe. The 2,000-square-foot shop will have seating for 30 and employ 10 to 15.

“We wanted to bring more greenery into the experience and to allow outside and inside spaces to flow together,” said Brandon Bir, director of education and sustainability. “Crimson’s seating will include modular sections to accommodate larger meetings along with conversation spaces for friends or cozy spaces to enjoy your favorite cup while working alone.”

Greg said Crimson will showcase superior coffees and teas and the relationships that produce them. From unique single-origin coffees to fine loose-leaf teas and seasonal cold brew cocktails, Crimson will feature a rotating menu of fresh, new and innovative beverages. Skilled baristas trained at the Crimson Cup Innovation Lab will guide guests on their journey of exploration.


“This will be a new expression of what coffee means to us,” Brandon said. “We want to showcase our best, and add an elevated level of service and transparency to our offerings.”

Brandon and Coffee Buyer Dave Eldrige have selected coffees and teas to highlight nuances in processing, varieties and terroir. “We want to foster a culinary appreciation for coffee and tea, similar to that enjoyed by wine, chocolate and cheese,” Bir said.

Greg said that Crimson is the culmination of 28 years of immersion in the global coffee culture.

“Crimson Cup started in 1991 with a passion for sharing better coffee with our friends and family,” he said. “Devotion to coffee and tea inspired us to travel to the source – to Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Peru and even to China – where we became entranced with distinctive, highly nuanced coffees and teas.


“We also developed a deep appreciation for the farmers and laborers whose back-breaking labor produces these exceptional beverages – often for very little reward,” he added. “Our coffee team travels over 80,000 miles each year, immersing ourselves in the coffee farming culture and community.”

He noted that we developed our Friend2Farmer direct trade program to help farmers earn a fair return for their hard work.  “Part of our work is connecting the farmer and consumer – so that farmers understand what consumers want and consumers appreciate the farmers’ work,” he said. “Crimson is another vehicle for showcasing the farmers’ stories.”

Crimson is part of Easton Town Center, which has 140,000 square feet of new retail and restaurant space set to open in late 2019 and early 2020. Located on 16 acres in the center’s northeast quadrant, this expansion will transform the area located between the Town Center and Easton Gateway.

 “We were intrigued when Easton approached us about becoming part of this significant expansion, which will cement its place as the best-in-class example of a live-work-play project in the nation,” he said. “The concept is new and exciting for Easton and Columbus. It seemed an ideal location for our new flagship store.”

 He said Easton’s vibrant audience of local and national shoppers was another attractive element. “Anyone should be able to come to our shop from out of state, and clearly see that the Columbus coffee scene is committed to high-quality beverages that are approachable and inclusive,” he said.

Elevation for new Crimson coffee shop by Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

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