PENZONE Salon + Spa Gahanna/New Albany Wows Guests with Elevated Beverage Service

October 30, 2023 (Published: April 9, 2022)
PENZONE Salon + Spa Gahanna New Albany

PENZONE Salon + Spa Gahanna New AlbanyWhen PENZONE Salons + Spas planned the rebirth of its iconic beauty brand in the new PENZONE Salon + Spa Gahanna/New Albany, it partnered with Crimson Cup to wow guests with unique coffee bar drinks.

The central area of the new salon at 5751 N. Hamilton Road features a social room with a café and bar offering elevated beverage service complete with new seasonal coffee bar menus from Crimson Cup.

Building on a Four-Year Partnership

“Our partnership with Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea began four years ago when we rebranded and opened our flagship salon + spa in Dublin,” said Debbie Penzone, President + CEO, PENZONE Salons + Spas.

“Each season, we work with their team to develop menu swaps, and with the launch of PENZONE Salon + Spa Gahanna/New Albany, we even pulled in another local partner, ROOT 23, to develop a special Honey Vanilla Ginger Latte featuring their artisan simple syrups. We love these local collaborations and the ability to offer this amenity to our guests.”

PENZONE also partnered with Cameron Mitchell Premiere Events to offer a new menu featuring Cameron Mitchell’s most popular seasonal items.

Local Partnerships Part of Our Focus On Good™

Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert said local partnerships like the one with PENZONE illustrate our Focus on Good.™

“We develop mutually beneficial relationships throughout a value chain stretching from coffee farmers  through independent coffee shops and other local businesses to coffee consumers,” he said.

“Our products and relationships around the world create positive change, inspiring coffee lovers to help us make a meaningful impact with every cup we pour.”

Grand Opening Marks PENZONE’s 53rd Anniversary

This grand opening of the Gahanna/New Albany Salon + Spa comes as PENZONE celebrates its 53rd anniversary. Gahanna/New Albany joins the Dublin and Short North Salons + Spas as the third new-build construction project in four years – in addition to major renovations at the Polaris and German Village locations – under the PENZONE Salon + Spa brand.

Debbie Penzone noted that the new PENZONE Salon + Spa joins the company’s other salons in its focus on beauty from the outside in.

“Our brand pushes to go beyond outward appearance,” she said. “We know that feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually is the foundation of beauty from the outside in. Our social room is an integral part of nurturing guests from every angle.”

The 7 Steps to Specialty Coffee Success

PENZONE coffee serviceCrimson Cup’s support for businesses like PENZONE applies lessons learned from our 7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup program.

Based on Greg’s book, Seven Steps to Success: a Common-Sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee, the 7 Steps program has helped hundreds of independent coffee shops in 30 states become thriving local businesses.

A 7 Steps coffee shop startup consultant guides each new owner through every step – from scouting a profitable location and writing a coffee shop business plan to planning a menu, choosing equipment, hiring staff and providing comprehensive training.

“During development of PENZONE Dublin Salon + Spa four years ago, our team noticed guests entering the salon with coffee cups in hand,” Greg said. “Serving café-quality coffee drinks at the salon enables guests to cut a stop out of their day, giving them a shot of relaxation with their caffeine boost.”

A Winning Collaboration

coffee bar at PENZONE Salon + Spa Gahanna/New AlbanyCrimson Cup provided barista training covering everything from drink preparation to customer service to an entire team of social hosts and salon managers.

Initial training took place onsite and at the Crimson Cup Innovation Lab.

To create the social room coffee menu, Crimson Cup collaborated with team PENZONE to learn about guest preferences, the planned ambiance and other menu items.

Guests receive complimentary batch-brewed coffee, or they can purchase an espresso-based drink.

Greg said he is seeing an increase in businesses like PENZONE that want to upgrade the coffee service they offer to guests and employees.

“Coffee brings people together,” he noted.

“A really great Cup of Joe or espresso drink sets the tone for a successful workday, meeting or meal.”



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