The Village Brew Coffee House Opens in Piketon, Ohio

November 7, 2022 (Published: February 19, 2021)
Interior of The Village Brew Coffee House in Piketon Ohio

Whenever Piketon resident Jennifer Chandler travels for work or pleasure, she seeks out a local, independent coffee shop. By opening The Village Brew Coffee House, she hopes to wake up the local community – much like her own senses perk up with the first sip of coffee.

I love the experience of enjoying a good pour over or a fantastically flavored espresso-based drink in a cool location, often in an old, restored building in the middle of a downtown.

Through The Village Brew Coffee House, I want to bring this experience to my hometown. My goal is to serve terrific coffee to a community that deserves the very best!

Owner Jennifer Chandler

Choosing a Terrific Coffee Shop Location

Jennifer chose the former Piketon Elementary School on Second Street, now known as The Square at Piketon, as the location.

“I had visited so many independent coffee houses in super cool spaces and thought this was perfect!,” she said.

In addition to opening The Village Brew, Jennifer serves on the Piketon Village Council and works as an independent project management consultant on development and environmental projects.

Learning How to Open a Coffee Shop in Her Community

The Village Brew Coffee House in Piketon, Ohi

Despite her love for coffee, Jennifer lacked the experience she needed to open The Village Brew.

“My grandfather owned a restaurant, and my dad owned a grocery store, so you could say food service is in my blood. But I needed to learn specialty coffee from the grounds up.”

Jennifer Chandler

After exploring competing coffee consultants, she turned to Crimson Cup to learn how to open a coffee shop in her local community.

She began by buying the book, “7 Steps to Success: A Common-Sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee” by Founder and President Greg Ubert. He first published the book in 2002 to help his then-struggling coffee house customers improve their profitability.

We’re honored that Jennifer chose Crimson Cup as her coffee partner. We’re excited to help her achieve her vision for The Village Brew and to support her growth and success in the coming years.

Greg Ubert

Following the Seven Steps to Success

Now in its second printing, Greg’s book is the foundation for our 7 Steps to Success coffee franchise alternative program.

Because we’re not a franchise, customers like Jennifer are free to achieve their unique vision of a local coffee house that meets the needs of their community. They don’t have to go it alone, but they still call the shots!

Greg Ubert

Over 150 entrepreneurs in 30 states have used our proven system to start independent coffee shops in their local communities.

Last year – despite challenging conditions during the pandemic we helped 19 entrepreneurs open new and thriving local coffee shops.

From writing a strong coffee shop business plan, to choosing equipment, designing the shop’s layout and much more, Crimson Cup guides new coffee shop owners from initial concept through opening day and beyond.

Overcoming the Fear of Opening a Coffee Shop

Jennifer said she was impressed by the book, the products that came with it, and the responsiveness of her 7 Steps consultants.

“The services offered by Crimson Cup reduced my fear of starting a coffee shop by myself,” she said. “Crimson Cup lowered my risk by bringing so much experience to the table.”

She especially appreciated Steps 2 and 3, which focus on choosing the right equipment and laying it out efficiently.

Not knowing what I would need to run this business, I was especially grateful for the help with the layout and placement of everything within the space. They have gone out of the way to take care of me throughout the process and increase my understanding of the coffee business. 

Jennifer Chandler

Customers Love the Coffee

Her customers rave about the coffee, which is roasted by Crimson Cup.

I keep hearing it’s the best coffee they have ever had. People who have said they don’t drink coffee are now in here three or four days a week!

Jennifer Chandler

Over the past five years, Crimson Cup coffee has won several national coffee awards – including a 2020 Good Food Award, which recognizes the best tasting, most responsibly sourced coffees in the United States.

More than a Coffee Shop – a Space for Youth and Socially Conscious Enterprises

Jennifer said that while coffee is The Village Brew’s focus, her goal of bringing something unique to the community doesn’t end there.

“At The Village Brew Coffee House, we provide opportunities for youth entrepreneurs to launch small businesses, a platform for talented local artisans to sell their creations, and a place for socially conscious enterprises, community groups, nonprofits, and local charities to grow.”

Thinking About Opening a Coffee Shop? Jennifer Has Some Advice

After talking to other independent coffee house owners, Jennifer advises prospective owners to start with Crimson Cup.

“Begin by reading the 7 Steps book and then sign the agreements with Scott Fullerton,” she said. “I have saved so much time and money with their input.”

The 7 Steps program includes hands-on training in the customer’s own coffee shop in the week leading up to opening. A Crimson Cup consultant returns to the shop to ensure a successful grand opening, which The Village Brew plans to hold on March 30.

“Crimson Cup takes care of the people they supply, and the drinks are amazing!” Jennifer concluded. “The technical support and customer experience have been fantastic.”

Visit The Village Brew Coffee House

The Village Brew Coffee House is now open six days a week at 425 East 2nd Street in Piketon, Ohio. Regular hours are 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday. To keep up with events and announcements, follow the store’s Facebook Page.

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