Thinking about a Coffee Shop Franchise? Think Crimson Cup Instead!

February 15, 2023 (Published: January 24, 2012)

Independent Alternative to Coffee Shop FranchiseIf you’re think about opening a coffee shop, there are many reasons you might be thinking of buying a coffee shop franchise. Perhaps you’re passionate about coffee but aren’t confident in your ability to start and run a coffee shop on your own. A coffee shop franchise provides name recognition, a ready-made business plan and all the equipment, coffee and supplies you need.

But most coffee shop franchises charge a fee (often a huge fee) just for the right to purchase their products and equipment. You’ll have to sign a long-term contract. And they’ll dictate the name, environment and attitude of your business.

So, if you’re thinking about buying a coffee shop franchise, we’d like you to think Crimson Cup instead. We offer everything a coffee shop franchise does – and more – but without the large fees, complicated contracts or restrictive business practices.

Work with Crimson Cup, and your business will be your business – with your name on the door. You’ll choose your location, set your operating hours and decide on the unique atmosphere you want your shop to have.

You’ll be independent. But you won’t have to go it alone. We’ll be right beside you, providing expertise that has helped open hundreds of independent coffee shops in 28 states.

Our founder, Greg Ubert, actually wrote the book on successful coffee house operations. His 7 Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry book is the foundation of our coffee shop franchise alternative program.

Working through the seven steps, we’ll help you get off the ground by choosing a winning location and developing a solid coffee shop business plan. Then we’ll advise on efficient equipment choice and layout, menu selection, staff recruiting and all other aspects of operating the business.

Love coffee? Then you’ll adore Crimson Cup. With more than 21 years of roasting experience, we travel the world to source Class 1, Specialty Grade coffee beans from the top coffee-growing regions. We’ve roasted Fair Trade and Organic coffees for over a decade, and we even direct source coffee from small-plot farmers. Each bean is then roasted by hand in small batches and rushed to you.

Working with Crimson Cup, you’ll serve the world’s best coffee at the peak of freshness to your customers. Plus, we supply great-tasting syrups and other ingredients along with proven recipes for delicious espresso-based drinks. Our customers receive rave reviews from their customers – and so will you!

As your grand opening approaches, Crimson Cup provides several days of comprehensive, free training for you and and staff. We’ll also provide marketing advice – and materials – to attract a steady stream of new customers. And, your consultant stays on site through opening day to ensure your coffee house is off to a great start.

We’ll continue our partnership to help your coffee shop grow and flourish, but we’ll  never ask you to sign a long-term contract. Hundreds of independent coffee shops keep buying from us because we deliver great-tasting coffee and coffee house products, supply high-quality equipment and supplies and provide effective marketing strategies and materials – all of which contributes to their ongoing success.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a coffee shop franchise, give us a call at 888-800-9224.We’ll have a chat and see where it leads.

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