Try Our New Ready-to-Drink Chilled Mocha and Latte Beverages for $1 on Monday, September 30

December 14, 2022 (Published: September 29, 2019)
Cartons of Crimson Cup Ready to Drink Lattes

Columbus coffee lovers have another reason to love local coffee! On September 30, we’re releasing three ready-to-drink chilled coffee beverages. New Mocha, Latte and New Orleans on-the-go beverages launch at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in Clintonville and Upper Arlington.

“We invite you to pick up a ready-to-drink Mocha, Latte or New Orleans beverage for just $1 on September 30,” said Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert. “These simple, smooth and delicious drinks offer the perfect way to enjoy your favorite coffee beverage whenever you want.”

“We launched our new drinks between National and International Coffee Days to emphasize their local and international connections,” he added.

You can pick up a $1 drink at our Clintonville location, 4541 North High St., or Upper Arlington coffee shop, 2468 Northwest Blvd.

The drinks combine our sustainably sourced specialty coffee, local milk from Arps Dairy, Inc. and other simple ingredients. Based in Defiance, Ohio, Arps Dairy sells dairy products from family-owned farms.

The delicious new drinks contain only a few simple ingredients:

  • Crimson Cup Mocha contains Arp’s Dairy milk, single-origin coffee, water, granulated sugar and cocoa powder.
  • Crimson Cup Latte contains Arp’s Dairy milk, single-origin coffee, water and granulated sugar.
  • Crimson Cup New Orleans contains Arp’s Dairy milk, single-origin coffee, water, granulated sugar and chicory.

These tasty refrigerated drinks will sell for $2.99 per 8-oz. carton after launch.

Greg said it took about a year to develop our new ready-to-drink beverages.

“We were looking for the right ingredients to match our award-winning coffee and deliver consistently smooth and delicious drinks,” he said. “With its focus on quality, freshness and the local community, Arps Dairy was the perfect partner to handle production and distribution.”

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