Visit Hope House at Crimson Coffeehouse

December 21, 2023 (Published: June 10, 2021)
Hope House outside Crimson coffeehouse at Easton

Drink coffee, do good at Crimson coffeehouse.

With your next cup of coffee, you could help give Honduran coffee workers new homes, clean drinking water, better education and stronger communities.

Just visit Crimson at 4066 Worth Avenue in Easton Town Center’s newest district.

Through June 30, Crimson coffeehouse will donate $1 of your purchase toward community improvements in Siquatepeque, Honduras.

“Every delicious drop of coffee starts with coffee workers, who hand-pick ripe coffee cherries from coffee trees for $1 per hour or less. We created Crimson coffeehouse to showcase the hard work of coffee farmers and their workers. By helping small-plot farmers and their communities thrive, we can help ensure a sustainable coffee harvest for years to come.”

Brandon Bir, director of sustainability

Experience Hope House at Crimson Coffeehouse

To show how donations support coffee workers, Crimson has set up a Hope House exhibit outside the coffeehouse.

There, you can view a time-lapsed video of a homebuilding process, examine a water filtration bucket and learn about the company’s partnership with ServeHope International.

100 percent of the funds we raise go directly to helping coffee workers, their families and their communities.

Making an Impact through Friend2Farmer

Through our Friend2Farmer initiatives, Crimson Cup has been working with small-plot coffee farmers in Siguatepeque, Honduras since 2011.

“During frequent visits to work with farmers, we’ve seen that lack of safe housing, access to clean drinking water and education are serious issues – especially for families with children,” said Coffee Buyer Dave Eldridge. “Working with community leaders and ServeHope, we chose these three priorities for investment.”

He noted that the it costs only about $25 to purchase and transport a filter bucket to Honduras, where ServeHope distributes the buckets and trains workers to use them. To date, Crimson Cup has donated x filter buckets.

ServeHope and Crimson Cup have built tiny homes for several workers using about $3,000 in building supplies and donated labor.

In 2018, Crimson Cup led a group of college students and independent coffee house owners to build a home for the Lorenzo family.

Focus on Good to Create a Sustainable Coffee Future

We’re working to create a positive impact on the many hands that work to produce each cup of coffee.

“We invite Columbus coffee lovers to join us in creating a more sustainable future for coffee and the workers who produce it.”

Founder and President Greg Ubert


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