Warm Up with Our New Red Velvet Cake Lattes

February 19, 2014 (Published: February 19, 2014)

Crimson Cup Mocha Kiss and Red Velvet LateBrrr … It’s been a wicked winter! But, for a limited time, you can warm up with one of our new Red Velvet Cake lattes.

Using a Red Velvet syrup, our Mocha Kiss and Red Velvet Latte bring you the gooey goodness of a favorite confection with an added caffeinated kick.

The Mocha Kiss includes an extra shot of chocolate topped with a sweet dollop of whipped cream and more chocolate drizzled on top. The Red Velvet Latte is sweet as its namesake cake.

These limited-edition drinks are available at Crimson Cup Coffee House and participating independent coffee houses serving Crimson Cup beverages. Enjoy!



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