A Global Coffee Tour, Gift Boxed for the Holidays

December 23, 2022 (Published: December 5, 2014)
Global Coffee Tour Gift Box Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Global Coffee Tour Gift Box Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea Looking for the perfect gift for a  discriminating coffee lover? With our new gift boxes, you can send your coffee lover on a virtual coffee-tasting trip with three exceptional coffees from widely different coffee-growing regions around the globe.

v60 Home Brewing Gift Box Crimson Cup Coffee & TeaThe $45 Global Coffee Tour Gift Box includes 12-oz bags of handcrafted coffees from three different continents. The $75 v60 Home Brewing Box offers everything needed to start crafting hand-pour coffee at home, with the same trio of coffees plus a Hario v60 ceramic drip brewer and filters.

The three featured coffees include Organic Bali Kintamani Natural from Indonesia, La Minita El Conquistador from Costa Rica and Honey Processed Amazonas from Peru. Each was processed after harvest using a different method – natural, washed and honey-processed – enhancing the diverse taste profiles.

Organic Bali Kintamani Natural earned an outstanding 90 score from Kenneth Davids and the Coffee Review, which described it as “… an impressively lush, voluptuous coffee.” As the reviewers observed, you can expect to taste brown sugar, dark chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut, and a hint of mint in aroma and cup, with a roundly rich acidity and a full, syrupy mouthfeel. This organic Indonesian coffee is naturally dry processed, meaning that the coffee beans are dried inside the coffee cherries instead of being removed from the fruit.

La Minita El Conquistador grows in the Dota sub-region of Tarrazu, Costa Rica. This shade-grown coffee ferments slowly during the washing process, which removes the coffee cherry and mucilage from the coffee bean before drying. This produces a fruity, floral, and complex cup, with crisp acidity and lively winey flavor not typical in a Tarrazu coffee.

Grown on a small farm in Peru’s Andes Mountains, Honey Processed Amazonas displays notes of stone fruit, caramel and agave. After harvest, the coffee beans are separated from the outer cherry fruit, but unlike in fully washed coffee such as El Conquistador, the beans are then dried with the mucilage intact. This semi-washed or honey processing can intensify the sweetness and mouthfeel of the coffee and round out its acidity.

Both gift boxes may be purchased through the Crimson Cup website and at Crimson Cup Coffee House in Clintonville. Each box comes with a reference card highlighting details about the coffees, and the Home Brewing Box also includes a link to a tutorial on how to brew coffee with the Hario v60.


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