Crimson Cup Welcomes Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse in Sweetwater, Tennessee

November 6, 2022 (Published: October 11, 2018)
Exterior of Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse Sweetwater Tennessee

Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse Sweetwater TennesseeA big Crimson Cup welcome to Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse in Sweetwater, Tennessee, which has joined the group of independent coffee shops, cafés and bakeries Crimson Cup supports in 37 states. The shop at 111 N. Main St., Suite A, is one of at least 18 new independent coffee shops scheduled to open in 2018 that learned how to open a coffee shop through our 7 Steps to Coffee Startup Success franchise alternative program.

“We’re excited to welcome Owner Kendra Moreau and her team to the Crimson Cup community,” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “Helping entrepreneurs like Kendra open their own unique independent coffee shops is a big part of our mission as a coffee roaster and coffee shop franchise alternative.”

Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse Sweetwater TennesseeAfter 24 years as a Registered Nurse, Kendra said she was feeling stagnant in that profession and in life. “I was reflecting and praying and felt like God was leading me to open a coffee shop.”

Despite her dream, Kendra knew only enough about coffee to brew a pot in the morning before her shift at the hospital. She turned to Crimson Cup’s 7 Steps to Success coffee shop franchise alternative program for guidance.

Based on Ubert’s book, Seven Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry, the 7 Steps program has helped hundreds of independent coffee shops open and stay and business.

“I searched online and then bought the book and knew this was a great fit,” Kendra said. “I love feeling like we are part of a family. Everyone at Crimson Cup has been so kind and helpful.”

As she worked through the 7 Steps program, she found two steps especially helpful: Step Five, Focus on Training; and Step Six, Customer Service. “I told 7 Steps Trainer Steve Bayless while he was here training us that I could not even imagine trying to do this without such expertise and history of coffee,” she said. “But customer service ranks above all. It’s not what you do or say, it’s how you make customers feel!”

Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse Sweetwater TennesseePart of her mission in creating a Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse was to fuel the revitalization of historic downtown Sweetwater. “We believe coffee is more than a product,” she said. “It’s a bridge to community…a space that fosters relationships that matter over products that taste and do good.”

At its essence, she said, “This little coffee shop is about relationships. We hope that when you walk into our door you feel the love of the Father and know that you have a home here and are always welcome.”

Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse Sweetwater TennesseeAfter renovating a vintage downtown building and working through training with Crimson Cup, Kendra opened Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse in March 2018. The shop serves a full menu of hot, iced and frozen espresso drinks – including mochas, lattes and cappuccinos – as well as iced coffee and tea, cold-brewed coffee, hot chocolate, fruit smoothies and other custom drinks. Rounding out the menu are an assortment of sweet and savory treats such as maple bacon scones, baked apple fritters, muffins, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter energy bites, baked oatmeal and quiche.

The coffee, roasted by Crimson Cup, has been a big hit with Sweetwater coffee drinkers. “Our customers love our espresso-based drinks!” Kendra said. “Most of them are saying, ‘this is the best I have ever had!’”

Crimson Cup’s coffee has been judged among the best in the nation. We were named 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year by Roast magazine. Our Ethiopian Kossa Kebena coffee won a 2017 Good Food Award, and our coffees brought home trophies and medals from the America’s Best Espresso competition and Golden Bean North America roasting competitions.

The Cup Runneth Over mocha, which melds espresso with white chocolate and caramel, is the shop’s best-selling drink. For herself, Kendra prefers the many sugar-free options.

When asked for advice for aspiring coffee shop owners, Kendra said, “Definitely pray about it and then educate yourself.  Partner with Crimson Cup and have faith.”

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Kendra and her team. To keep up with happenings at the shop, follow Cup Runneth Over Coffeehouse on Facebook.

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