Ethiopian Sidamo Kellenso Wins 92 Score from the Coffee Review

December 23, 2022 (Published: February 24, 2014)
Crimson Cup Ethiopian Sidamo Kellenso 92 Coffee Review

Crimson Cup Ethiopian Sidamo Kellenso 92 Coffee ReviewWe’re proud to report that Kenneth Davids and the Coffee Review recently gave our Ethiopian Sidamo Kellenso a score of 92!

Reviewers described the handcrafted coffee as, “A crisply (and skillfully) light-roasted version of the fruit-and-brandy style of southern Ethiopia natural-processed cup.”

Their blind assessment was, “Complex and brandy-toned. Minty dark chocolate, papaya-like fruit, hints of musk and sweetly pungent fir in aroma and cup. Brisk but juicy acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Richly sweet though drying in the finish.” The complete January 2014 review is available on the Coffee Review website.

The coffee is naturally dry processed, meaning the coffee beans are dried inside the coffee cherries instead of being removed from the fruit before processing. We lightly roast the beans to preserve their origin flavors.

Ethiopian Sidamo Kellenso is available on our website, at Crimson Cup Coffee House in Clintonville and at select independent cafes serving Crimson Cup beverages. Enjoy!

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