Meet Our Cuppers: Greg Ubert

February 15, 2023 (Published: February 3, 2012)

So what is a cupper, you ask? It’s a professional coffee taster. The cuppers at Crimson Cup have invested long hours – in some cases, years – in learning to objectively assess the quality of coffee. Each of our cuppers brings a unique palate, set of skills and personality to our mission of consistently roasting the world’s best-tasting coffee. This is the first of a series of interviews with the cuppers.

Greg Ubert

Greg started Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea in 1991. The recent Harvard University graduate, just 23, gave up a promising career in computer software to follow his passion for awesome coffee. More than 20 years later, he’s dedicated his career to roasting the best-quality, freshest specialty coffee available and teaching others how to become successful in specialty coffee. Learn more about Greg in this brief video.

Q: What’s your favorite drink?

Of course I can’t pick just one. My favorite drink is the espresso macchiato. My second – my comfort food – is the original hot chocolate freeze. It’s phenomenal.

Q: What’s your best memory of working at Crimson Cup?

After 20 years, there are so many of them. Thank goodness they just keep coming and coming.

My recent trip to Honduras was fantastic for numerous reasons. Being able to connect with the Honduran community and the remote coffee growers who’ve never seen a coffee roaster before. And being able to start a relationship. Really, that’s what it’s all about here at Crimson Cup. That’s what we believe in. Starting a relationship with them is certainly something fantastic.

Q: What is different about Crimson Cup?

For our customers, Crimson Cup is very different because we actively participate in their success. We bring the whole community of customers together so we that can learn from each other and continue to grow. That’s one of the things that makes us different from other companies.

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