Beans-n-Cream Coffeehouse in Cedarville, Ohio Celebrates 22 Years of Success

February 24, 2023 (Published: April 2, 2022)
Beans-n-Cream Coffee in Cedarville, Ohio

As Beans-n-Cream marked its 22nd anniversary on March 1, General Manager Myndi Cope-Pergram reflected on the independent coffee shop’s growth over two decades, its role in the small town of Cedarville, Ohio, and its relationship with coffee partner Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea.

Now a second-generation family business, Beans-n-Cream has occupied a series of historic locations in downtown Cedarville. The shop got its start in a tiny, shared space in the 1880s-era Exchange Bank building. When Myndi’s parents, Paul and Diane Cope, took the reins in March 2000, they moved to a larger location.

Finally, in the spring of 2008, the newly renovated Exchange Bank building became Beans-n-Cream’s permanent home. Built in the 1920s, the building features the original bank vault, woodwork and stained-glass windows. Beans-n-Cream guests enjoy a glimpse of what life was like a century ago as they sip their espressos, mochas and enjoy breakfast and lunch dishes.

“We are unique in the way that we offer a full breakfast menu as well as a soup and sandwich menu along with our coffee shop menu,” Myndi said. “There was also a need in town for something other than pizza, so it just made sense for us to fulfill that need. “We didn’t start out with that goal in mind, but as we grew and moved to other locations, more opportunities opened up for us to add these to our menu.”

The shop acts as a gathering place for local coffee lovers. “We love being a part of our small community,” Myndi said. “It means so much to sponsor local soccer teams and advertise in school yearbooks.” The shop just started delivering lunches to the local high school and elementary school once a week. “It gives them another option for lunch as well as a coffee a pick-me-up halfway through the day!” she said.

Overall, Myndi said the best part of owning a coffee shop is the contribution she’s able to make to the local community. “One of my passions is people,” she concluded. “I get to invest in customers and employees. I get to give them jobs so they can pay for college, save for European vacations, or buy their first car. “Our coffee shop allows me to touch so many lives!”

The 7 Steps to Coffee Shop Success

Paul and Diane Cope learned how to open a coffee shop in Ohio through our 7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup program.

Myndi Cope-Pergram grew up working in the shop after school, taking over as manager in 2018. For over 30 years, Crimson Cup has helped entrepreneurs open and run unique independent coffee shops serving their local communities. To date, over 300 shops in 30 states have set up shop through its 7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup program.

“As an independent coffee shop owner, you don’t have to go it alone!” said Founder and President Greg Ubert. “It’s been a pleasure to work with Paul, Diane and Myndi over the past 22 years, and we look forward to many more years of helping them grow their business.” Budding coffee shop owners like the Copes learn the ins and outs of efficient operations through the company’s 7 Steps to Success coffee shop franchise alternative program.

The program grew based on Ubert’s book, 7 Steps to Success: A Common-sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee. “We give new owners everything they need to succeed – starting with writing a solid coffee shop business plan and choosing profitable location and continuing through creating an efficient layout, selecting the right equipment, training owners and baristas and more,” Ubert said. The 7 Steps program offers many benefits of a coffee shop franchise, without franchise fees, royalties, or even a long-term contract.

Coffee Shop Startup Consultants Provide Hands-on Training

From choosing the right location and writing a sound coffee shop business plan to training baristas and marketing to customers, 7 Steps coffee shop startup consultants guide new owners from initial concept through opening day and beyond. Myndi said Crimson Cup has acted as a true partner to her family business. “I couldn’t imagine being able to be where we are today without their help and guidance,” she said.

“As we were in the thick of all the growing pains, our rep would reach out on a regular basis,” she recalled. “They would come in and just sit for over an hour and answer questions and even help us find questions we didn’t even know we had.”

For those who are considering opening a coffee shop with Crimson Cup’s help, Myndi said, “Do it! You won’t be sorry. In 22 years, Crimson Cup hasn’t once steered us wrong. Their customer service is beyond amazing. And they do it all! They train, they service, they have parts, they never have left us hanging.”

“We succeed, they succeed. They are hands on every time we have reached out. Can’t imagine anyone else living up to that.”

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