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If you want to learn how to open a coffee shop in West Virginia, you’ve come to the right place!

You don’t have to do it alone – or pay hefty franchise or coffee school fees.

Instead, learn how to open and run a successful coffee shop in West Virginia through our proven 7 Steps to Coffee Shop Startup Success process.

Why listen to our advice? We have decades of coffee industry experience since our founder started roasting coffee in 1991. Over three decades, we’ve won major awards, including Roast magazine’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year.

Plus, our experienced coffee shop startup consultants have helped entrepreneurs across the USA open more than 300 coffee shops in 30 states.

Using the 7 Steps process and our consultants, we can help you develop a strong coffee shop business plan and provide insight into coffee shop startup costs in your West Virginia community.

As a one-stop shop for independent coffee shop owners, Crimson Cup can also help you find a terrific location, lay out your shop, hire and train staff, market your shop, and more. You’ll also gain access to award-winning coffee and coffee shop products that will keep your customers coming back!

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West Virginia is a Great Place to Open a Coffee Shop!

With only seven major coffee chain locations per 100,000 residents in West Virginia, there’s plenty of opportunity to open and run a successful independent coffee shop in your local community.

West Virginia ranks 43rd in coffee shops per capita, according to a study by Zoma Sleep. The study counted 7,817 West Virginia residents for every coffee shop in the Mountaineer state.

Considering that 62 percent of Americans drink coffee, averaging three cups per day, it’s safe to say there’s room for many more coffee shops in West Virginia.

And, according to the National Coffee Association, coffee drinkers are flocking to espresso-based beverages brewed from high-quality beans. Consumption of cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas has increased by a staggering 50 percent since 2015, driven in part by strong popularity with 25 to 39-year-olds.

Small West Virginia Cities and Towns Present Big Opportunities

With many counties in West Virginia underserved by major coffee chains, it might pay to consider starting a coffee shop outside of Charleston, Huntington, and Morgantown.

Many cities and towns in West Virginia‘s 55 counties lack a gathering place where locals can get together over a cup of coffee. Does your West Virginia community need an independent coffee shop? Would you like to be the result that comes up when people in your part of West Virginia search for “coffee near me?” Read on to learn more about how to start a coffee shop in West Virginia.

West Virginia is Open for Small Business!

small businesses in west virginiaWest Virginia has the 10th best business climate in the United States according to Business Facilities Magazine.

With the third-lowest cost of labor in the U.S., West Virginia offers a great environment for entrepreneurs to open a coffee shop.

Home to more than 113,000 small businesses, West Virginia focuses on creating an environment where entrepreneurs can prosper.

You can find a wealth of resources covering business formation and operation on the State of West Virginia government website. This website assists small and medium West Virginia businesses with:

  • Starting a business
  • Taxes
  • Workforce
  • Choosing a legal business structure. Many coffee shops operate as sole proprietorships or limited liability corporations (LLCs).
  • Getting a business license and various other licenses and permits, including local health department licenses for food establishments.

The West Virginia Small Business Development Center also assists entrepreneurs who want to start or grow a business. Experienced business professionals offer management advice, financial analysis, marketing support, and more.

Get a Head Start with Our Coffee Shop Startup Consultants

Training a barista

As a coffee roaster and coffee business consultant, Crimson Cup believes our company only succeeds when our customers do.

As a result, we support coffee shop owners at every step, from concept through opening day and beyond.

A one-stop shop for independent coffee shops, Crimson Cup supplies award-winning coffee and industry-leading coffee shop equipment and supplies.

Based on the book, Seven Steps to Success: A Common-Sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee by Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert, our program covers everything business owners need to run profitable coffee shops:


  • Writing a sound business plan
  • Choosing a terrific location
  • Calculating startup and operating costs
  • Designing an efficient shop layout
  • Choosing an espresso machine and other coffee shop equipment
  • Training your baristas
  • Marketing your shop to attract customers
  • And much more.

Backed by over 30 years of specialty coffee know-how, our 7 Steps to Success program has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs in over 30 states how to open and run successful independent coffee shops.

We love small businesses. We believe that small businesses build communities in ways that big businesses can’t. And that being part of a community can be the most rewarding part of independent business ownership.

To learn more about how members of our community became successful in their communities, check out our testimonials.

West Virginia Coffee Shop Owner Recommends the 7 Steps to Success

Our coffee shop customers say they saved time and money and grew their coffee business faster by following our 7 Steps to Success.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what a West Virginia coffee shop owner think about working with Crimson Cup. And how they opened a second shop just five years after the first.

Stonewall Coffee, Clarksburg and Bridgeport, West Virginia – Founded 2016

stonewall coffee Clarksburg West VirginiaCoffee entrepreneurs Kevin and Sarah Zakariasen named Stonewall Coffee in Clarksburg, West Virginia for the city’s most famous native son.

A statue of Civil War General Thomas Johnathon “Stonewall” Jackson sits in the plaza next to their coffeehouse at 218 Court Street in historic downtown Clarksburg.

The Zakariasens and their children settled in Clarksburg after spending eight years as missionaries at an orphanage in South Africa. They realized downtown Clarksburg was ripe for revitalization and saw an opportunity to strengthen the community through coffee.

Lacking coffee experience, the couple explored coffee franchise options and visited Jitters Coffee House in Millersburg, Ohio, a nonprofit coffee house supported by Crimson Cup.

Stonewall Coffee, Clarksburg, West VirginiaEven after the recommendation from Jitters Owner Martin Mann, the couple felt reluctant to purchase Crimson Cup’s 7 Steps to Success book and to follow its tenets.

Despite the book’s warnings against used equipment, for example, they purchased a previously owned espresso machine that proved unusable.

After trial and error, they began following the proven 7 Steps process, which is based on experience with hundreds of independent coffee shops in 30 states, Guam and internationally in Bangladesh.

“Knowing what we know now, we would have paid much more than $69.99 for the 7 Steps book,” Kevin Zakariasens said. “It is one of the best investments we have made.”

They also took advantage of Crimson Cup’s comprehensive on-site training for coffee shop owners and baristas.

7 Steps Project Manager and Trainer Steve Bayless spent a week training the Zakariasens in their own coffee shop, then stayed on site for the soft opening in December 2016.

On the first day of operation, the Zakariasen family served over 130 people, with a line of customers out the door.

“It’s been really exciting and neat to see the community come out and say, ‘Hey, this is exactly what we needed here in Clarksburg,'” Kevin Zakariasen said.

The warm community welcome gave rise to the shop’s motto, “West Virginia gathers here.”

The Stonewall Coffee menu features hot, iced and frozen espresso drinks – including mochas, lattes and cappuccinos – as well as iced coffee and tea, cold-brewed coffee, hot chocolate, fruit smoothies and other custom drinks. Comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi beckon customers to sit and socialize or catch up on work.

The shop is entirely family operated by the Zakariasens, their children and extended family members.

The owners believe Stonewall Coffee has become a vital part of downtown Clarksburg’s revitalization.

“To us, coffee is more than just a drink you drink while sitting in morning rush-hour traffic; it is an experience,” Sarah Zakariasen said.

“It is a return home for the holidays. It is the successful conclusion of a mutually beneficial business deal. It is the celebration of surprising good news. It is the centerpiece of conversation, culture, and new beginnings.”

Second Stonewall Coffee Opens in Bridgeport in 2022

Stonewall Coffee, Bridgeport, West VirginiaAbout five years after opening their first location, the Zakariasens started a second Stonewall Coffee at 1219 Johnson Avenue, Suite 103, in nearby Bridgeport.

The couple held grand opening celebrations for the new shop on April 27, 2022.

“A lot of people have told us over and over again how glad they are to have us in Bridgeport, and we are super glad to be here as well,” Kevin and Sarah Zakariasen said.

“We’re just grateful for everyone who comes through the doors.”

Visit Stonewall Coffee

The Zakariasens invite everyone in Clarksburg, Bridgeport and Harrison County, West Virginia to gather at Stonewall Coffee.

“Our desire is to bring the best coffee experience to our customers,” said Kevin and Sarah Zakariasens. West Virginia gathers at Stonewall Coffee because of our great coffee, friendly service and cozy atmosphere.”

For updates about menu, hours, events and more, follow the Stonewall Coffee Clarksburg and Stonewall Coffee Bridgeport Facebook pages.



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