Our New Loose-Leaf Tea Sachets

August 7, 2013 (Published: August 7, 2013)

loose leaf tea sachet _ Crimson Cup (1)Looking for a better way to brew a cup of tea? Check out our loose-leaf tea sachets, available at independent coffee houses and restaurants serving Crimson Cup beverages.

Packaged in an attractive countertop display showcasing eight tea varieties, the sachets combine the distinctive taste of our premium loose-leaf teas with the convenience of a tea bag.

Unlike conventional tea bags, our sachets offer more room for the tea leaves to expand, ensuring better release of flavor from the larger leaves of loose-leaf tea.”

The sachets and their outer envelopes are 100 percent biodegradable. Varieties include:

  • Organic Estate Assam Breakfast Tea– A smooth organic black tea with a malty and bold flavor and mild fruit undertones.
  • Organic Earl Gray Tea with Lavender – A smooth, full-bodied organic black tea with bergamot overtones.
  • Masala Chai Tea– An Indian spiced, aromatic black tea that tastes great served with milk.
  • White Pomegranate – A refreshing and gently sweet white tea flavored with natural pomegranate
  • Sensory Safari Tea – A sweet citrus, naturally caffeine-free Rooibos infusion that is high in antioxidants and has a hint of spice flavor.
  • Ohio Peppermint Tea – A cool, refreshing herbal tea that blends well with other tea varietals.
  • Crimson Berry Tea– A rich, tart and fruity herbal tea.
  • Dream Maker Tea – A soothing, flavorful herbal tea that is pleasantly sweet.
  • Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea – A sweet, smooth and fresh green tea with jasmine fragrance.
  • Organic Mao Jian – A light vegetal organic green tea with sweet undertones and mild astringency.

To create our loose-leaf teas, Crimson Cup blends the finest ingredients into intriguing natural flavor combinations. We handcraft these unique flavors to tempt the discriminating palates of tea drinkers, while being thoughtful of potential health benefits in the combinations.

To learn more about Crimson Cup’s loose-leaf teas, hand-roasted coffees and other products, call 888-800-9224.










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