Perking Up Tedx Columbus

October 14, 2013 (Published: October 14, 2013)

10207226764_a165a4d6e2_cWhew… what a great TEDx Columbus event on Friday!

Crimson Cup provided a portable brew-bar station equipped with V60’s, Chemex and a Coffee Siphon to hand-brew Ethiopian Sidamo Kellenso for all of the event guests at Tedx Columbus. It was a perfect merge of creative minds in Columbus with innovative brewing provided by Crimson Cup.

The entire Crimson Cup crew was on -hand to provide a unique coffee tasting experience. Brandon, Dave, Steve, Bob, Chris, Janie and Melissa kept everything moving throughout the day.
Our Signature Armando’s Blend coffee kept the creativity flowing for the entire day as well, offering a constant stream of caffeine during breaks.

We believe sponsoring local events like TEDx puts the coffee into the community. Crimson Cup is a proud sponsor of community events that inspire new ways of thinking and collaborating together.

THANK YOU TEDx Columbus for an incredible opportunity.
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