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Q Grader Jorge De Leon Visits Crimson Cup Coffee House, Weiland’s Market

July 29, 2020
Jorge De Leon Ovalle prepares hand-poured Guatemalan coffee with a Chemex brewer.

Jorge De Leon Ovalle prepares hand-poured Guatemalan coffee with a Chemex brewer.

We were excited to welcome our Guatemalan friend and Q Grader Jorge De Leon Ovalle to Columbus on Saturday, Feb. 15 for a pair of Clintonville coffee tastings. Jorge prepared samples of two Guatemalan coffees at Crimson Cup Coffee House and Weiland’s Market.

Coffee Buyers Dave Eldridge and Brandon Bir met Jorge last year when they traveled to Guatemala to find great coffee to bring back to the Crimson Cup community. They cupped coffee with Jorge and his father, Jorge De Leon De Leon, one of Guatemala’s most respected cuppers. Father and son are both licensed Q Graders, a professional accreditation from the Coffee Quality Institute that enables cuppers to grade Arabica coffees.

In fact, Jorge Jr.’s amazing palate helped him become the world’s youngest Q Grader a few years ago. We’ve been fortunate to benefit from his expertise in selecting our Guatemalan Coffees. At home, he helps local coffee farms produce and sell their coffee to roasters and also operates his own coffee house outside Guatemala City.

On Saturday, Jorge prepared two of the Guatemalan coffees we discovered during last year’s trip: Jorge’s Pick, a Bourbon Blend, and Finca El Pintado, which is the only organic coffee farm in Antigua, Guatemala.

Thanks for the great coffee and conversations, Jorge!


Originally Published: February 18, 2014
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